Red Door has been behind some of the most successful promotions of Chinese events and businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

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Xiamen Airlines inaugural flight arrival in Sydney

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鴻飛 Xu Hongfei 2013 Sculpture Exhibition
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NANJING is, in GDP terms, China’s twelfth largest city but with tremendous growth potential ranks as one of China’s most important cities. Situated along the Yangtze River it has excellent transport infrastructure; regular high speed rail services to major centres such as Shanghai; and is a key commercial hub within eastern China.

THE CANTON TRADE FAIR is the world’s biggest trade expo, each year it attracts nearly 400,000 visitors from across the globe. It has been, and continues to be, one of the most important stops for Australian and New Zealand companies doing business in China. Red Door coordinated advertising, marketing and promotion for the highest level delegation ever to visit Australia and New Zealand.

SHANGHAI is one of the key focal points for those looking at China from the outside. Inside China it remains the focal point of much of the country’s outbound investment. Though it’s one of two Chinese cities with a stock market, direct investment projects remain the lifeblood of this world city.

BEIJING is not just the seat of government formulating policies that affect China, its policies have an impact on the entire world. The one constant theme which underscores all of China’s dealings with the world is pragmatism.

Thirty years ago SHENZHEN was literally a small fishing village, today it’s a sprawling metropolis of 15 million people and one of the most important cities in Southern China’s main export province of Guangdong.

Shenzhen is a blueprint for China’s developing free-market economy and is leading the country’s transformation from mass production of low value goods towards the production of sophisticated brand name goods.